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EOB - Focus Opus / Rebel Earth Film / Berkus Report / SCVN

• A fast-moving show starts with an INNOVATION segment of EyeOnBusiness. Focus Opus talks about their success helping people organize and focus on attaining their goals with a simple process.
• Rebel Earth Films returns with the premiere of their first animated educational short, "Change Your Trash Habits In 9 Easy Steps".
• The Berkus Report returns with Dave Berkus giving us three quick stories and what was learned from each experience. Great education for Entrepreneurs.
• Eric Tanezaki of SCVN discusses the Business Community Network in the OC.


EOB - INNOVATION Giuliana Schwab, CCO of Silikids


Giuliana Schwab tells Shan Steinmark, Phd. ...
...What it takes to launch a successful business;
...How to mesh personalities with your Team
...The steps, trials and tribulations that Silikids endured

Fast-paced, direct and very interesting




EOB - Bret Babos of Rebel Earth Films

Bret talks about the inspiration for starting Rebel Earth Films. How their mission is to use the power of film and animation to change the environmental outlook of an entire generation.

EOB - INNOVATION Pt 1.Deborah Beresini Pt2.Oli Thordarson

Two EOB INNOVATION segments: Part 1 - Deborah Beresini of Invencor speaks with Shan Steinmark about the dynamic change of Women in Entrepreneurship. Part 2 - Oli Thordarson of Alvaka Networks discusses network security in today's world. Also, footage of Oli's race car driving.