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BeatShare execs Eli Aizenstat and Barry Lieberman talk about the meteoric rise.  The trials and tribulations of raising money to launch their new venture.

From an idea while in Spain; to building a Team; Winning "Pitch Contests"; to raising Capital in a remarkably short period of time.


FACETStv / EOB - Marc Maiffret, FIND 'EM / The Berkus Report RAISING CASH

Pt 01 - Marc Maiffret - Discusses his infamous past as a hacker. And, how now his success as a Cyber-Security expert.
Pt 02 - FIND 'EM founders Dr. Cobi Webb and Travis Shows talk about the development of this new tool available now that significantly increases the chances for finding lost or wandering loved ones.  Primarily used for children, autistic and Alzheimer's patients.
Pt 03 - Dave Berkus and The Berkus Report for EyeOnBusiness talks about RAISING CASH.  The right ways and wrong ways of financing your business as an Entrepreneur.


EOB - CES Las Vegas 2015

EyeOnBusiness heads to Las Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


EOB INNOVATION - Anthony Ferraro CEO of SWAV

SWAV is the "Victoria Secret for men"

Anthony Ferraro tells Shan Steinmark of INNOVATION, the story of how Chapman University college friends have created a successful start-up company, SWAV


EOB - INNOVATION Giuliana Schwab, CCO of Silikids


Giuliana Schwab tells Shan Steinmark, Phd. ...
...What it takes to launch a successful business;
...How to mesh personalities with your Team
...The steps, trials and tribulations that Silikids endured

Fast-paced, direct and very interesting




EOB - Bret Babos of Rebel Earth Films

Bret talks about the inspiration for starting Rebel Earth Films. How their mission is to use the power of film and animation to change the environmental outlook of an entire generation.