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EOB - Focus Opus / Rebel Earth Film / Berkus Report / SCVN

• A fast-moving show starts with an INNOVATION segment of EyeOnBusiness. Focus Opus talks about their success helping people organize and focus on attaining their goals with a simple process.
• Rebel Earth Films returns with the premiere of their first animated educational short, "Change Your Trash Habits In 9 Easy Steps".
• The Berkus Report returns with Dave Berkus giving us three quick stories and what was learned from each experience. Great education for Entrepreneurs.
• Eric Tanezaki of SCVN discusses the Business Community Network in the OC.


EOB INNOVATION - Anthony Ferraro CEO of SWAV

SWAV is the "Victoria Secret for men"

Anthony Ferraro tells Shan Steinmark of INNOVATION, the story of how Chapman University college friends have created a successful start-up company, SWAV


EOB - INNOVATION Giuliana Schwab, CCO of Silikids


Giuliana Schwab tells Shan Steinmark, Phd. ...
...What it takes to launch a successful business;
...How to mesh personalities with your Team
...The steps, trials and tribulations that Silikids endured

Fast-paced, direct and very interesting




EOB - INNOVATION Pt 1.Deborah Beresini Pt2.Oli Thordarson

Two EOB INNOVATION segments: Part 1 - Deborah Beresini of Invencor speaks with Shan Steinmark about the dynamic change of Women in Entrepreneurship. Part 2 - Oli Thordarson of Alvaka Networks discusses network security in today's world. Also, footage of Oli's race car driving.