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FACETStv / EOB - Marc Maiffret, FIND 'EM / The Berkus Report RAISING CASH

Pt 01 - Marc Maiffret - Discusses his infamous past as a hacker. And, how now his success as a Cyber-Security expert.
Pt 02 - FIND 'EM founders Dr. Cobi Webb and Travis Shows talk about the development of this new tool available now that significantly increases the chances for finding lost or wandering loved ones.  Primarily used for children, autistic and Alzheimer's patients.
Pt 03 - Dave Berkus and The Berkus Report for EyeOnBusiness talks about RAISING CASH.  The right ways and wrong ways of financing your business as an Entrepreneur.


EOB - Focus Opus / Rebel Earth Film / Berkus Report / SCVN

• A fast-moving show starts with an INNOVATION segment of EyeOnBusiness. Focus Opus talks about their success helping people organize and focus on attaining their goals with a simple process.
• Rebel Earth Films returns with the premiere of their first animated educational short, "Change Your Trash Habits In 9 Easy Steps".
• The Berkus Report returns with Dave Berkus giving us three quick stories and what was learned from each experience. Great education for Entrepreneurs.
• Eric Tanezaki of SCVN discusses the Business Community Network in the OC.


EOB - The Berkus Report - SERVICE


Super-Angel, Dave Berkus, tells stories from BERKONOMICS to help entrepreneurs learn valuable lessons for success.

Dave Berkus is a noted speaker, author and early stage private equity investor. He is acknowledged as one of the most active angel investors in the country, having made and actively participated in over 87 technology investments during the past decade.