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EOB - Berkus/LockStrap/INNOVATION/Sven-Social Media/Ash-TCVN

A Fast-paced show covers a lot of ground in 30 mins....
Pt 1- Dave Berkus and The Berkus Report on EXITS
Pt 2 - LockStrap
Pt 3 - INNOVATION: Precision In Motion
Pt 4- Sven Johnston talks about Social Media
Pt 5- Ash Kumra on TCVN in Orange County


EOB - The Berkus Report - SERVICE


Super-Angel, Dave Berkus, tells stories from BERKONOMICS to help entrepreneurs learn valuable lessons for success.

Dave Berkus is a noted speaker, author and early stage private equity investor. He is acknowledged as one of the most active angel investors in the country, having made and actively participated in over 87 technology investments during the past decade.


The Berkus Report 01

The Berkus Report: Stories and Lessons from BERKONOMICS, on EyeOnBusiness.

The PREMIERE Episode of Dave Berkus discussing stories and lessons from his successful BERKONOMICS business book series.

Dave Berkus is one of the most successful and prolific investors in the United States. Dave is active in TechCoastAngels. This is the largest Angel group in the U.S.

Dave Berkus - SPEAKER, AUTHOR, CONSULTANT, INVESTOR - "Rock star" "Right on the money" "Best speaker" Dave is equally at home motivating associations, corporate meetings, management and their boards to action.