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FACETStv - Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens discusses the budgetary and legal challenges of running the largest Sheriff's department in the State of California. The Sheriff's Plan of Action has to balance the wants and needs of all the residents of the County.


FACETStv - Judge Jim Gray - FERGUSON

Judge Jim Gray discusses the events of FERGUSON.


FACETStv - Chief Cisneros of the Huntington Park PD

Chief George Cisneros of the Huntington Park Police Department discusses his approach to modernizing his department. The Chief discusses his attitudes on topics from Technology to Personal Relationships within the community.

Both Fascinating and Insightful

FACETStv - Anaheim PD - Craig Freisen of the Vice Squad

Sgt. Craig Freisen of the Anaheim Police Departments Vice Squad talks with Kevin McDonald of FACETStv. Sgt. Freisen explains the objectives of the new police operation to help victims of exploitation and abuse. A dedicated group of officers, along with community volunteers try and help underage teen prostitutes to get off of the streets and back to a normal life.