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FACETStv - Premiere of OC Most Wanted / EOB INNOVATION - Dr. Deb Ferber 

Pt. 1 - Premiere of OC MOST WANTED - a new FACETStv segment connecting the Public with Law Enforcement in solving crimes. Lt. Jeff Hallock of Orange County Sheriff's Dept. shares two cases that the public can help solve.
Pt. 2 - EyeOnBusiness INNOVATION - Dr. Deb Ferber of Brandman University discusses many helpful insights on helping Entrepreneurs to be Successful


FACETStv - Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens discusses the budgetary and legal challenges of running the largest Sheriff's department in the State of California. The Sheriff's Plan of Action has to balance the wants and needs of all the residents of the County.


FACETStv - Rhonda Sciortino

Rhonda Sciortino is a Survivor. She discusses her efforts as an advocate for children in a system that is overwhelmed.

Rhonda has overcome abuse, homelessness, and poverty to become an influential and successful Christian speaker, inspirational author, businessperson, and child advocate. Rhonda teaches people how to become successful and happy not despite their difficulties, but specifically because of them.


FACETStv Erin Runnion - The Joyful Child Foundation

Erin Runnion is the Founder of The Joyful Child Foundation. Erin discusses her efforts in teaching both children and adults about child safety, abduction avoidance and situational awareness.